The Greek Providore

On the Bar Cart Pack - Sour Cherry


All the elements to stock your bar cart, the pack is perfect for creative cocktail making.

Included in the Pack:

Grace Gin

Lemonodasos Sour Cherry & Lemon Mixer 500ml

Petits Grecs Sour Cherry Spoon Sweets

Products valued at $139.85

Cocktail Inspiration - Gin Blossom

30mls Grace Gin
30mls Lemonodasos Sour Cherry Mixer
90mls Tonic or Soda water
3 Petits Grecs Sour Cherries, to garnish
  1. Add ice and ingredients, except the sour cherries, into a cocktail shaker and shake shake shake.

  2. Pour the drink into the glass and garnish with the sour cherries.

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