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Organic Chamomile Tea Sachets


Organic Chamomile Tea Sachets (10pcs)

Savour the finest quality, enchanting aroma and incomparable flavour of our fresh Greek organic Chamomile. The health properties of chamomile were so popular that Olympic athletes, in Ancient Greece, would use it to increase stamina and promote longevity.

The word ‘chamomile’ derives its name from the Greek words chamai and melon, ie. apple of the ground, referring to its fresh apple scent and its low-growing habit.

Benefits: Chamomile is officially listed in the European Pharmacopoeia as one of the most renowned sedative herbs. It has been used for centuries as a mild relaxing, sleep-inducing aid, one against colds, stomach disorders, and inflammations, to name just a few of its many therapeutical properties. Extensive scientific research over the past few years has confirmed many of the traditional uses of the herb, and the pharmacological mechanisms for these therapeutic effects, including anticonvulsant, antipyretic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-allergic properties.

Enjoy a delicious drink of chamomile with some Pure Greek Honey

Anassa Moments: Carton box includes 10 enveloped herbal tea sachets. Every envelope contains whole leaves and blossoms of aromatic herbs in a tea bag & a wooden stick to secure your tea bag on the mug.

Ingredients: Pure Organic Chamomile

You can drink it hot in winter and ice-cold in summer. Enjoy the tea with some of our biscuits and treats

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