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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Trio Gift Box 500ml each bottle


Philippos Extra Virgin Olive Oil Trio Gift Box

Perfect way to try three of Philippos Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In the box you will find:

Philippos Extra Virgin Classic Olive Oil 500ml

PHILIPPOS CLASSIC Intense fruity flavour and a slight trace of bitterness well balanced with a pleasant almond aftertaste, are distinctive of PHILIPPOS CLASSIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
The olives are picked from the trees at an early maturity stage and promptly cold pressed. 

Philippos Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Harmony is the characteristic of PHILIPPOS ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Organic crop, cold pressed, it has the aroma of olives still on the tree well-balanced with a fruity flavor and almond aftertaste. 

Harvested at an early stage olive ripening is rich in precious nutrients and polyphenols, and 100% organically certified in all production stages.


Philippos Delicate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Obtained just when the olives turn color, the fresh aroma of spring leaves and mild apple aftertaste is the main characteristic of Philippos DELICATE Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
The olives picked at the beginning of the crop, deliver this oil rich in polyphenols and therefore particularly healthy. The slight tingling when tasted and the delicacy when used confirm this.
What complements its natural qualities, is the traditional process that is exclusively based on mechanical cold extraction without chemicals.

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