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Kalamon Olives in the Box


Kalamon Olives in the Box

Kalamon variety of olives, with the juicy, tasty flesh are sun-ripened, picked at the black stage of maturity, carefully selected and preserved in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Philippos Hellenic Goods proposes the Premium Gourmet Box which includes 4 vacuumed sealed packs of 95g each.

The olive may be served as an aperitif and is a nutritious snack, enriching salads, and giving a Mediterranean, summer touch to sauces; they also are an essential ingredient in many recipes.

Philippos Hellenic Goods offers its olives preserved in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Once collected and washed brined, the olives are preserved in salt water.

After brining they are packed in oil. They will remain there until they are ready to be served. The choice of using Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes the product slightly more expensive but ensures the preservation of all its organoleptic properties: intense dark, shiny colour entices tasting;  biting the firm texture releases all the flavour of the fruit and a delicate hint of bitterness.

PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS Kalamata Olives easily appeals to connoisseurs and amateurs alike, who enjoy the full raw Mediterranean flavours.

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