Crystal Flakes Natural Hickory Sea Salt 70g


Falksalt Crystal Flakes Natural Hickory Sea Salt are flake salt made from pure Mediterranean sea water from Cyprus.

The fresh, smokey taste and aroma of Falksalt Natural Hickory Crystal Flakes allows you to make a masterpiece out of every dish.

Pure sea water is evaporated until there's very little left but salt. We clean the solution and then let it simmer in large pans until flakes emerge. Carefully raked out by hand, it is then sealed in our unique packaging.

There are many advantages to using sea salt. The crunchy structure of the salt adds to the experience. Less salt is used, but more taste is delivered. This means that the overall usage of salt is being reduced. The salt will not be hidden inside the dish - rather it will be a more active ingredient.

Use: Bring an unexpected flavour to ordinary dishes including chicken, steaks, hamburger, ribs, or even your own barbecue sauce will taste wonderful with the smoked hickory flavour. You can be creative and add our Hickory variety to fries or popcorn for a whole new twist.

Weight: 70g

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