Imperfectly Potty

Handmade Small Olive Leaf Bowl 12cm


Imperfectly Potty - Handmade Small Olive Leaf Bowl

We only have three one off designs to choose from.

These little bowls are perfect for serving olives, olive oil and vinegar and salt and pepper.

Each bowl is handmade in the Burrawang NSW using Limoges Porcelain and is imprinted with olive leaves and then hand painted.

The colour of the pieces are tinted throughout the body of the clay to provide colour depth. Clear glaze is then applied to the interior of each piece leaving the exterior with a vitrified surface that becomes smooth with handling.

Each piece is designed to last and manufactured using the best materials available.

These pieces are food safe, dishwasher and ovenproof, making them the perfect pieces for any table.

Made in Australia with Greek Hands

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