Organic Sweet Vinegar with Bergamot in Ceramic Pot 200ml


Ladolea Organic Sweet Vinegar with Bergamot in Ceramic Pot 200ml

Towards the end of summer, the unique, premium variety grapes are carefully hand-picked and processed in two ways.

The first is classic red wine making, which has been practiced for hundreds of years in the historic Nemean region.

The second process concerns the production of syrup where the grape must is boiled under vacuum. This very gentle treatment of the condensations ensures that the aromas and all the nutritional properties of the grapes remain intact.

Finally, red vinegar and grape syrup are combined with ripe bergamot rinds for a maximum period of one month, resulting in this superior product.

Organic without any preservatives or additives such as sulphites, dyes or sugar, vinegar with bergamot notes impresses with its bright colour. Light brown with red highlights, captivates at first glance.

Cold Pressed under 27C, unfiltered

The characteristics of this organic sweet vinegar with bergamot is: Intense bergamot aromas, notes of sun dried citrus fruit and spices

Use: Beautifully combined with green salads, fish, red pasta sauces, marinades and vinaigrette with Ladolea Olive Oils

Handmade Ceramic Pot: 200ml

These pots are designed to be refilled.

Explore our range of Ladolea and discover more about their great love for high quality Corinthian olive oil.


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