Classic Sweet Nougat Bites 160g

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Lazaris Classic Sweet Nougat Bites 

Nougat is a traditional handmade dessert made from roasted almonds, a little sugar and whipped egg white to make a meringue. Enjoy it in its classic taste in bite sized packs.

Lazaris Products are homemade and are made in small quantities, their history dates back to 1924. That was when the famous cumquat, the tiny citrus fruit with the amazing scent, began being cultivated on the island of Corfu.

They are based on traditional recipes from the Ionian Islands and don't contain chemical preservatives. 

Ingredients: Sugar, Almond, Egg albumin, Glucose, Vanilla, Citric Acid. 

Weight: 160g

Best Before: 31 October 2021

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