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Loukoumia with Pennyroyal & Orange Zest 400g

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Bariamis Loukoumia with Pennyroyal & Orange Zest 


The Greek Delight - The history of Loukoumi, originally from Istanbul and now embraced in Greece, is a testament to the culinary crossroads of cultures. The evolution of its recipe with various ingredients and flavors over the years has likely made it even more delightful. Loukoumi's versatility, as a complement to coffee or tea and a fasting dessert, along with its role as a delightful treat for guests and gifts, makes it a cherished part of Greek culinary culture.

It's clear that the Bariamis Family take great pride in crafting traditional handmade delights of exceptional taste and quality. Such treats are indeed perfect for any occasion, spreading sweetness and joy to both your life and the lives of your loved ones. Food has a wonderful way of bringing people together and creating memorable moments.



Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Glucose, Starch, Citric acid, Orange zest, Pennyroyal essential oil

Weight: 400g

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Best Before October 2023

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