Traditionally Handmade Almond Macaroon 150g


Voskopoula Traditionally Handmade Almond Macaroon

These traditional products of Kefalonia are handmade and beautifully packaged and delicious to eat.

Voskopoula is an authentic Greek patisserie whose history dates back to 1910. With over 100 years of passion and expertise in traditional Greek sweets making. From generation to generation, the fourth generation now at the helm.

They stir the almond paste with the zest and juice of fresh oranges and lemons, dip this mixture in sliced almonds and form our famous almond macaroons.

They then bake them until they become golden brown and after they cool down we store them in vacuum sealed packages, in order to maintain their unique taste.

Ingredients: AlmondSugar, Orange and Lemon Zest Juice

Greek product, No artificial colouring & additives,

Weight: 150g

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