Fig Pie with Ouzo 200g


Fig Pie with Ouzo 200g


Lazaris Fig Pie with Ouzo

lazaris products are handmade, made in small quantities and are characterized by the Corfiot history and finesse. Lazaris products are made from pure raw materials with no chemical preservatives and – as the artisan sweets don’t contain fat – are ideal for all hours and all ages.

Traditional Corfiot dish made from dried fig paste, marinated in red wine, and flavored with ouzo, anise, fennel seeds and must. It is eaten in small bites on its own or can be added as an ingredient in green salads, as well as in cheese and cold cut dishes. It goes extremely well with tsipouro or ouzo.

They are based on traditional recipes from the Ionian Islands and don't contain chemical preservatives. 

Ingredients: Fig, Anise, Fennel, Must and Ouzo (5%)

Weight: 200g


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Black Garlic Starter Kit 3 in one


Black Garlic Starter Kit 3 in one

$16.95 $26.95

Black Garlic Starter Kit

Containing 3 small jars of:

Black Garlic Honey (25 gr)
Black Garlic Cloves (20 gr)
Black Garlic Caviar (15 gr)

Whole cloves can be used in pesto for pasta or risotto sauce, as a sandwich or burger spread, in tzatziki, but also to give body and scent to meat sauce sauces.

Honey with black garlic fits perfectly with cheese and cold cuts, as a salad dressing, along with mayonnaise or mustard for spreading into sandwich or burger or as a crust in grilled meat or fish. Caviar black garlic will give a different tone to canapé and bites, but also to sushi.

Perfect for someone who would like to have a first experience with black garlic.