Bringing Greece Home 

It makes us so happy to be able to share all the Greek flavours we've grown up on and the new flavours we're discovering. We hope that you will take the time to go through our online store and be inspired to try these flavours for yourself and to share with your family and friends where you too can bring Greece home.

Allow us to introduce you to our wonderful new friends and producers.

We have been impressed by all the new businesses in Greece. Some started out of necessity, and some are family businesses reinvented, with their uniqueness and style, we have learnt so much about how these businesses began, what their philosophy is and how much care has been taken to get their product into the market so we thought we'd tell you a little bit about each one of our suppliers.


The rich flora of Greece and the nomadic beekeeping process they follow is a guarantee for quality and taste of their products. Their honey is pure and unprocessed and of course are made with the highest respect to their bees, society and nature.



Anthea means blossom in Greek and was an epithet used to describe the Classical Greek goddess Hera, who lives on mount Olympus where an abundance of aromatic herbs grow.  Anthea Organics collects organic aromatic herbs and plants of the finest quality from areas all over Greece.

By carefully selecting their teas at the source and developing direct, sustainable relationships with the growers, to uphold a commitment to offer a high quality selection of teas that are unique, while treating people and the planet with respect.

The herbs are hand-picked and dried in ideal conditions which are carefully maintain a high standard with an award winning tea as the results.



The Anassa experience begins from the moment you open the packaging, bright colours and fresh overwhelming fragrances. They select the finest quality Greek herbs of organic farming to create exceptional teas, infusions and tisanes.

Discover and share the flavours and fragrances of Anassa Organics especially with the ritual of brewing and serving the tea, one that provides a rare quality experience.



A "sweet" story begins in 1930 in Agrinio, when Themistoklis Bariamis created a small business with traditional sweets, such as vanilla (the well-known "submarine"), Turkish delights, candies and pastels.

From 1960, his son Christos continued the business with the same passion and the region of Western Greece discovers the taste and quality of the Bariamis company.

Try the wonderful taste of the traditional handmade Bariami sweets and discover forgotten flavors and aromas that the Greek land gives us generously.



The Bairaktaris family's passion for bees started in 1914, on a hill southwest of Kranidi, overlooking the beautiful bay of Kilada, lies their apiary.

Kostas is now the fourth generation of apiarists, keeping that tradition alive and in 2008 their brand name Ermionis was created. Their farm, where the bees grow and reproduce, and herbs are cultivated, has been certified as "an organic farm" by ΔΗΩ institution - the Greek institution for the certification of organic products



Eon Flavours is a boutique company formed just a few years ago, part of a wider set of innovative companies regenerating Greece’s economy. They offer a broad range of timeless Greek deli foods with a modern twist. They have selected  traditional Greek foods and injected enthusiasm in their production, featuring truly ethical manufacturing, in which finished goods are literally made by hand. Like many other newcomers, they are part of a new legacy, building on old culinary secrets,  their production process is unique, building on Greece’s new food industry.



Eriza is a selection of fine organic Greek delicacies and fine organic foods, they are passionate about the increasing need for a more balanced diet.

In 2019 they launched their brand developing a range of high quality organic farming products. They are committed to providing products made of carefully selected raw materials and ensuring that they are free of preservatives and chemical activities.



Cypriot sea salt in the old fashioned traditional way from Mediterranean sea water. In a dust-free environment, experienced salt makers heat up the sea water and let it evaporate until the delicate pyramid shaped crystal flakes appear. The salt is then harvested, dried, sieved and finally packed, all by hand. The flaky texture and excellent crunch make their gourmet sea salt flakes ideal for finishing any meal.



Snails (Escargot) have been consumed since the prehistoric age and they belong to the gastronomic tradition of many countries. In fact, there are considered a delicacy that continuously grows in popularity and it is branded as the new star superfood! Fereikos is based in Ancient Corinth in Greece. All their products are carefully hand picked, then selected and prepared with the most genuine procedures and excellent raw materials.



FoodsCross is the brainchild of a small group of Greek friends who share the restless spirit of true pioneers and appreciate food as a need and a pleasure for body and soul.

The people of FoodsCross invested in their very own curiosity and unwavering interest for real, tasty and healthy food.

Their honey is rare, from Crete and Astypalaia with an exceptionally high content of thyme pollen grains, natural herbs from the Greek mountains. The truffle used in the truffle salt is  from the Greek mountains. It contains no colorants, artificial flavouring or preservatives.



Geodi is based in Athens produces all-natural, superior quality jams that are made with fresh fruits from certified organic farms in the Greek countryside.

All jams are based on traditional Greek village recipes, and produced to maintain the "freshness" and natural nutrients of fresh fruit.

Geodi's only select fruits at their best and the final product is full of flavour.

Only natural ingredients are used and they don't contain any pectin, colours, artificial flavours, preservatives or additives.



The ingredients in their herbal infusions are carefully selected, not only for their individual quality but also for their complementary properties when blending. The herbs sourced from various regions in Greece and, where required, they are blended to get the balance just right. 

Grek Tea only work with farmers who put quality before quantity producing exclusive, small–scale batches. The best or nothing! Equally important is that the whole process is done in an ethical and sustainable way. All of their suppliers are therefore 100% organically certified ensuring that no chemicals, pesticides, harsh substances or whatsoever are used – only nature’s goodness.


Passionate about the premium olive oil produced in the ancient region of Corinth, they were inspired by a single vision: to create truly authentic Greek products.

Driven by a profound respect for Greek heritage the company’s founders consider it an essential component of their work to collaborate with individuals who honour and share their respect for the rural and cultural traditions of the country.



The Lazaris Artisan Sweets history dates back in 2005 by Konstantinos Lazaris. Inspired by tradition, flavours and aromas of Corfu, Konstantinos and his team continue the gastronomic tradition of the island passionately.

Lazaris products are handmade, made in small quantities and are characterized by the Corfiot history and finesse. In their confectionery workshops, their experienced crafters follow the Ionian recipes; additionally they are pioneering and experimenting with new, tasteful combinations. Lazaris products are made from pure raw materials with no chemical preservatives and – as thier artisan sweets don’t contain fat – are ideal for all hours and all ages. Their packaging stands out for their modern design and contemporary aesthetics.



Marmeliza Handmade Delicacies was founded in Naoussa in 2012 by Eliza Douli. Her desire to take advantage of the abundant fruit growing in the area and to produce products that are closely linked to the local tradition resulted in the creation of the Marmeliza laboratory.

The aim is to produce natural, tasty and aromatic jams with or without sugar and desserts, based on the traditional way of preparation.

The fruits are grown in the region of Macedonia and are always collected at the right time of ripening. It is a rich source of many vitamins, minerals and fiber. Jam is a healthy product and a unique source of energy. The sugar contained is the minimum possible amount and natural lemon juice is used as a preservative. The jam contains pieces of fruit and strongly retains their aromas and taste.
The packaging is inspired by the traditional women's costume of Naoussa which belongs to the urban costumes of Macedonia of the 18th -19th century.



Every day they transform the purest Greek ingredients into excellent products, and are bringing a taste of Greece your kitchen.  They produce handmade and naturally air dried pasta with semolina and whole wheat flour ground under low temperatures of the stone mill, sauces and much more.



After a trip to Italy at a young age, Adrianos Mitsiopoulos came in contact with the world of coffee. In 2002 Mitsiopoulos Group was born in Tripoli, Arcadia. The company started by importing espresso coffee, chocolate and various Italian products from Italy.

After many years of experience in the field of espresso, the needs of the market and the mood for creation pushed them to set up our own coffee and tea processing unit MitGroup Roasters. 

So from 2015, we produce they produce their own coffee and tea products.

The products of MitGroup Roasters the Greek coffee "Andrianos" and the tea "Althea”


Neolea extra virgin olive oil is organic, cold pressed and rich in polyphenols. From Messinia, Greece - the oil is extracted from the Koroneiki olive. Small in size, superior in flavor.

The trees are surrounded by wild aromatic plants and together with an innovative extraction process define the Neolea quality standard.

Neolea hand harvested Sea Salt comes from the Greek Aegean sea. Harvesting from the rocks keeps the salt pure and adds nutritional minerals. 

By keeping the salt in its natural condition the flakes come in their original, irregular shape. This improves both the cooking and the dining experience.

Salt is the only ingredient that is used in all cultures around the world and it is the one ingredient that impacts the flavour more than any other.



Their family olive grove is located along the sides of Mt. Fokas, near Corinth, from the village, Kalentzi. Blessed with a strategically mild microclimate and fertile land, the area offers a variety of products with excellent quality and authentic taste.



The centuries old olive trees are located in the mountainous and mainly sunny area of Selino. Southwest Crete has given Pamako its fine aromas and pungent spicy and bitter taste.

While using traditional methods of cultivation and harvesting, they introduced several new milling, bottling and storage methods to produce an extraordinary olive oil.



Based in Thessaloniki. It was founded by a Greek lady passionate about the little sweet Greek treats. They have successfully come up with modern recipes that are  tasty and nutritious and still based on the tradition.

Every recipe is regionally inspired and based on different areas of Greece.



Philippos Hellenic Goods offers two different lines of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Premium and Greek Land, coming from different Greek production regions, both excellent in quality and taste. Their olive oil is selected from the finest olive grove regions of Greece, specifically Peloponnese and Crete because the climate conditions are optimal and the soil most fertile to cultivate the perfect olive tree.



Brothers Mario and Harry are taking us through their own "salt odyssey"

Mario and Harry are enthusiasts of the Greek organic food market set their sights on salt. 
They started by blending the aromas of the Greek herbs with a prime sea salt harvested at the Salinas of Messolonghi.

Their production starts in early spring, the seawater is channelled, isolated, and stored. Then the they let the spring and summer sun and winds heat and slowly dry it out.

As the summer ends the saltwater is allowed to completely dry until September when the salt is harvested. It is washed with brine to remove unwanted solids, but without losing trace elements of minerals.

The result is pure salt. The whole process is based on the same traditional techniques that have been used for decades.



Their gourmet range are based on traditional products that are as wholesome as they are delicious.

Their products that draw inspiration on that great Greek tradition, the family meal, when the entire family would sit down at the dinner table. All of the range’s products are homemade and are easy to use.



A family business, specialising in tea, herbs and spice blends.

They select the raw materials of their blends with strict criteria and treat each ingredient with respect; their fleur de sel is retained naturally moist, rosemary and thyme are picked when in blossom. They make their very own top quality citrus zest using fresh Greek lemons and oranges.

Every ingredient is ground differently to best preserve its culinary and nutritional value.



Thalassa spices based in Veria, Imathia, Central Macedonia.

Founded in 2016, with the aim of highlighting new flavours in everyday cooking by providing quality products.

For the preparation of the blends, excellent quality spices rich in aromas are selected and used, as well as exceptional Greek aromatic herbs.



Three generations of the Dafnis family members tend to the aged ‘Lianolia’ variety olive trees in the family groves.

Knowledge has been passed on lovingly from one generation to the other and has built a deep olive oil expertise which takes a lifetime of learning. Their careful, innovative and sustainable harvesting methods has enabled them to guarantee a consistently high-quality premium olive oil.

Brothers Spyros and George have broken new ground and made history as Corfu’s first producers of premium olive oil and have paved the way to the market of officially certified ‘health claim” olive oils.



Their Eleonas is located in the coastal area of ​​Galata, Trizinia, in the Northeastern Peloponnese, opposite the beautiful island of Poros. The cultivable area of ​​their olive grove is 30 acres, where 1,240 olive trees grow.

This is a single variety of extra virgin olive oil from the famous Koroneiki variety. 
The Koroneiki variety is famous for its rich aromas as well as for its high percentage of monounsaturated fats and polyphenols



Voskopoula is an authentic Greek patisserie on the small Ionian island of Kefalonia.

Its history dates back to 1910, with over 100 years of passion and expertise in traditional Greek sweets making, with generation to generation with the fourth generation now at the helm.

In the course of their history “Voskopoula’s” character and values have remained the same. They still produce their products with the finest and purest ingredients.