Premium Greek Thyme Honey 250g


Foodscross  Premium Greek Thyme Honey

One of the most beautiful honey's that you will ever taste.

This exceptional Thyme Honey from the Greek island of Astypalaia, has a remarkably high content (70%) of thyme pollen (for honey to be able to say they are thyme honey they must have a minimum of 18% thyme pollen content), you have to try this to understand just how special it really is.

Try FoodsCross Thyme Honey simply on yoghurt for breakfast or drizzled on our Bake with George Loukoumades or even just a cheeky spoonful.

Weight: 250g

Be quick to explore our FoodsCross range, we've already sold out of the 250g jar, we know you'll love the amazing flavour, perfect for people who appreciate great food.

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