Strong Greek Coffee 500g


Andrianos - Strong Greek Coffee

Greek coffee can be an almost meditative experience. Its methodical preparation hasn't changed in centuries, and it's sipped slowly to savour the strong taste and settle the finely ground coffee.

The Andrianos Strong Greek Coffee is a blend of six high-quality roasts to create a unique and complex flavour profile but with a richer, deeper flavour than the Classic Blend

Greek coffee is a strong brew created from lightly roasted and finely ground beans that are boiled in a small pot called a "briki". Boiling helps extract more of the healthy compounds, such as polyphenols and antioxidants. The coffee is not strained or filtered, but instead poured into a small cup where the powdered coffee grinds settle at the bottom.

How to make Andrianos Strong Greek Coffee: One teaspoon of coffee and one teaspoon of sugar, if desired, per demitasse (2.5-3 oz) of water.

Stir together in the briki over a low flame until the mixture begins to froth up, but BEFORE it boils over. At the moment it foams up, pour it into the cup and serve piping hot with a glass of ice water and some of our beautiful spoon sweets

Weight: 500g

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