35N Cretan Distillery

Tsikoudia with Syrah 700ML


35n Cretan Distillery Tsikoudia with Syrah 700ml

Majestic and intense. A wonderfully round and velvety single varietal spirit with a persistent aftertaste.

The French grape variety Syrah acclimatized perfectly in the warmth of Crete, adding all the proper gifts and the characteristic dark colour of its grape. It reveals intensity and an afterglow, while its distillate represents their most intense Tsikoudia. Its aroma is earthy, warm and delicate, with full, velvety aftertaste.

Preferably served at 12°C to be enjoyed, after letting it rest in your glass for a few minutes

The name 35N of the tsikoudia signifies the geographical parallel 35N that crosses the island of Crete. It is Crete’s geographical location on earth, which determines its unique climate and all the tasty goods growing on the island. For the Cretan distillery, Cretan tsikoudia 35N and Rakomelo 35N is a distillate made with passion, full of stories and experiences.

35N Cretan Distillery was founded by a group of friends that count more than 30 years of friendship. George Markoulakis, Pantelis Fanourgakis and Elias Melissourgos joined their forces in order to produce excellent tsikoudia spirits worthy of the history and tradition of this local spirit. Using grape varieties with distinctive, unique taste characteristics and high quality, they produce blended tsikoudia 35N, single-variety tsikoudia from Moschato and Syrah and the aromatic rakomelo, tsikoudia with honey 35N. The distillation takes place in Rethymno, in the distillery of Elias Melissourgos.

700ML sold in numbered Bottles. 

38% Alcohol Content


Cocktail Inspiration- Fresh & Exposed

40ml 35N Syrah
25ml Aperol
10ml Maraschino
15ml Fresh Lime
15ml Paragon Vetiver

Method: Reverse Dry Shake
Ice: Small Ice Balls
Glass: Old Fashioned
Garnish: Edible flower Leaf

Created by:
Stelios Papadopoulos- Photos: Yannis Sykianakis

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stratis Fradelakis

You guys are great drunk some of 35 Tsikoudia in Crete last year and brought some back with me
Was pleased to see that you supplied some in Sydney
Very happy with the product price and service 💯👌

We're thrilled to hear that you enjoyed our Tsikoudia both in Crete and now in Sydney. Providing quality products and excellent service is what we strive for. Cheers to more enjoyable moments with our Tsikoudia!

Bert Hoebee
Cretan tsikoudia

Great welcome 'tipple'. Purchased to replace empty bottle and as a gift.

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