35N Cretan Distillery

35N Cretan Distillery Tsikoudia with Muscat of Spina 700ML


35n Cretan Distillery Tsikoudia with Muscat of Spina 700ml

Delicate and aromatic. Elegant and soft, with aromas of rose delight and citrus notes.

The grape variety Muscat of Spina grows in the mountains of Crete. It is subtle, aromatic and full of surprises. Its fine distillate, gracious and smooth, bears a rose loukoumi aroma with a lasting, enduring aftertaste. It is produced in artisanal discontinuous distillation with fractional copper alembics in Rethymno.

Preferably served at 12°C to be enjoyed, after letting it rest in your glass for a few minutes

The name 35N of the tsikoudia signifies the geographical parallel 35N that crosses the island of Crete. It is Crete’s geographical location on earth, which determines its unique climate and all the tasty goods growing on the island. For the Cretan distillery, Cretan tsikoudia 35N and Rakomelo 35N is a distillate made with passion, full of stories and experiences.

35N Cretan Distillery was founded by a group of friends that count more than 30 years of friendship. George Markoulakis, Pantelis Fanourgakis and Elias Melissourgos joined their forces in order to produce excellent tsikoudia spirits worthy of the history and tradition of this local spirit. Using grape varieties with distinctive, unique taste characteristics and high quality, they produce blended tsikoudia 35N, single-variety tsikoudia from Moschato and Syrah and the aromatic rakomelo, tsikoudia with honey 35N. The distillation takes place in Rethymno, in the distillery of Elias Melissourgos.

700ML sold in numbered Bottles. 

38% Alcohol Content


Cocktail Inspiration- Espresso Martini

Tsikoudia Muscat of Spina | Spices | Caramelized Yogurt

45 ml 35N Tsikoudia Muscat of Spina infused with espresso
25 ml Caramelized Yogurt
3 drops Cardamom Bitters
2 drops Salt Solution

Garnish: Ground espresso powder
Method : Shake, strain into glass
Glassware : Coupe

Created by:
Popi Sevastou Photos: Yannis Sykianakis

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