Alexandra Manousakis

Alexandra Manousakis Artist- Makia Bowl 25cm DIA


Makia Bowl Handcrafted by Alexandra Manousakis in Crete

About the Artist

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Alexandra moved to New York City and studied Fine Arts at NYU. During her childhood summers in Chania, she was captivated by the Cretan lifestyle and later decided to leave a successful marketing career in Manhattan to take over the family estate - Manousakis Winery in the village of Vatolakkos and grow it into one of the most reputable vineyards in Greece.  Her artwork is featured on the labels. Along with her family, Alexandra revels in the marvels and challenges of Mediterranean life spicing things up along the way with an odd, globally-inspired twist.

Alexandra’s journey navigating a half-known culture, tackling unexpected hurdles and discovering the beautiful moments of the island, shape both the concept and the design of her art. Honouring the practice of ancient ceramic art, she creates handmade design objects that blend her own background story and the culture clashes that she encountered in her contemporary Greek life.

The whole results in a continuous dialogue, characterised by bold elements and aesthetic consistency. Her full collection of clay ceramics and paintings is displayed in her showroom, located in her new brasserie called Maiami in the Koum Kapi area of Chania.

Remaining committed to local craftsmanship, Alexandra ensures that all her creations are made locally, using clays sourced exclusively from Greece. Acknowledging the historical significance of ceramics in Greek culture since ancient times, she recognizes their essential role in daily life. Today, as the use of ceramics evolves, Alexandra and fellow Greek ceramicists honour this legacy, demonstrating a profound respect for their craft.


Given that the ceramics are meticulously crafted by hand and adorned with hand-painted details, each piece is unique; this intrinsic uniqueness is the charm of artisanal work.

Every item is a distinct creation, shaped and painted by hand, resulting in delightful variations from one piece to another..

Size Height: 6 cm 

Diameter: 25 cm 

Materials White clay, glaze.

Sold Individually

Differences in size or shape stem from the individualized process of being hand-thrown on a wheel. While the pieces are dishwasher safe, it is recommended to wash them by hand and allow them to dry, mimicking the care of fine china.

Over time and with repeated use, clay has a natural tendency to craze, forming minuscule lines in the glazing. This craze is intrinsic to clay's nature. To mitigate or slow down this process, handle your pieces with care, especially when serving very hot foods


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Alexandra Manousakis Artist- Makia Bowl

Absolutely stunning bowl, love the colours

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