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Capers Leaves in Brine 212g

Capers Leaves in Brine

In Greece, and even more so on it's dry, beautiful islands, the notion of plant-forward, nose to tail eating is as old as the hills. Nothing is waste, and so it goes, that beloved caper bush provides not only berries and fruit as food, but also its leaves - a local speciality. Caper leaves are more subtle in flavour than the capers themselves. They are velvety and smooth, delicate but also full of flavour thanks to the special brine in which they are preserved.

Serving Suggestions: Caper leaves can be used much the same way you would the capers themselves, fresh in salads, cured and smoked fish dishes or with antipasto.

Try the leaves as the foundation for a Greek island pesto, with a handful of Aegina pistachios, one of our olive oils, lemon zest and fresh or dried herbs. Or, make your own Greek mezze mix with capers, caper leaves, olives and herbs.

Simply Delicious opened their business in 2001 in a small store in Kifissia.

Simply Greece created a series of products to support the work of the award-winning AMKE Wise Greece, a non-profit company where profits from sales buy food for meals.

Since the beginning of their cooperation with the Wise Greece in May 2014 to the present through sales of their products they have been able to contribute directly to thousands of food rations for people in need.

Ingredients: Capers Leaves in Brine

Weight: 212g

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