Chrisi Milia

Chrisi Milia - Organic Balsamic Apple Cider Vinegar 250ml


Organic Balsamic Apple Cider Vinegar

Chrisi Milia, a family-owned company based in Aetolofos of Agia, Larissa, Thessaly.

Chrisi Milia created an organic balsamic cider vinegar as a result of experimentation with new recipes using carefully selected batches of cider from the farm's organic apple cider vinegar. This is then placed in oak barrels to age along with the apple pezyme produced by the sweetest varieties of apples which then gives the balsamic vinegar it's full flavour and aroma.

The unfiltered vinegar is a product of the natural fermentation of cider, a process that helps preserve the valuable friendly enzymes, trace elements, pectin, vitamins and minerals it contains, making it a product with high nutritional value. 

It is a product of organic agriculture, unpasteurised and unfiltered. It does not contain sulphites or other additives.

Ingredients: Organic unfiltered apple cider and apple syrup (apple molasses)

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