Salt Odyssey

Coarse Sea Salt with Smoked Paprika Mill 100g

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Salt Odyssey

Coarse Sea Salt with Smoked Paprika Mill

Ingredients: Pure sea salt from Messolonghi 95%, Greek smoked paprika 5%

Packaging: Glass jar with ceramic mill in a hard carton box 60x50x150mm, 100g net

Characteristics: All natural, NO artificial smoke flavorings added, only natural cold smoking

Use: Seasons legumes, meat, soy, potatoes, eggs.

Description:  Treasured for its beautiful red color, slightly sweet smoked taste and velvety flavor, this unique combination of coarse sea salt with naturally smoked paprika wakes up the chef hidden inside everyone!

Award winning both in Great taste awards and Olymp awards, strikingly delicate, is an ideal addition to every recipe!  Among others, try to cook legumes, meat or soy, potatoes, eggs. 

Your palate will feel the difference!

Multi-awarded, high-quality gourmet smoked salts with a natural cold smoking process.  Ideal for vegetarians and vegans!

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