Fofi Gourlas

Cookbook - Artichokes & Village Greens by Fofi Gourlas


Artichokes & Village Greens by author Fofi Gourlas is a tribute to the author’s mother, showcasing a variety of Greek and vegetarian recipes that have been refined and passed down through generations of family and friends.

In Artichokes & Village Greens, Gourlas shares 72 vegetable-focused recipes, from meze and soup to salads, greens and traditional (and non-traditional) cakes, biscuits and sweets. The importance of family and heritage and their capacity to inform the way we eat and cook is a common thread that runs through the book. Recipes include semolina halva, soupa avgolemono and meringue, date and walnut torte, alongside well known Greek dishes such as spanakopita, horiatiki salata (Greek salad) and koulourakia (Easter biscuits). 

Gourlas describes Artichokes and Village Greens as, “a handbook for Greek home-style cooking. This book conveys a love of family and community, expressed through the preparation of food. It’s my way of honouring the wealth of tradition that has been passed down to me through cooking and sharing food and is a means of preserving my Greek heritage”. 

This is a personal cookbook, made universal in its demonstration of the ways in which tradition and the practice of sharing food coalesce. It encourages readers to experiment with traditional cooking techniques while cooking and sharing the recipes.  

Gourlas is a Sydney-based interior designer and passionate cook. She learned to cook in her mother’s home kitchen, mastering time-honoured dishes that have always had a place at the Greek table, as well as Australian classics. 

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