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Cookbook - Greekish by Georgina Hayden


Greekish by Georgina Hayden

From the award-winning author of Nistisima, fresh, refreshing, simple Greek-inspired recipes that bring big Mediterranean flavour every time. 

"This food, from my Greekish sister, is exactly the kind I want to eat." –Jamie Oliver 

Full of simple Mediterranean recipes perfect for weeknight cooking and effortless weekend meals alike, Greekish is inspired by beloved author Georgina Hayden's Greek-Cypriot roots and travels. After a lifetime of collecting favourite dishes that are easy to throw together, bursting with flavour, and sure to be cooked on repeat in countless kitchens, Georgina has homed in on the best ways to balance fresh, hearty ingredients with traditional methods-always keeping them easy, delicious, and balanced.

Leaning on familiar Mediterranean ingredients like olive oil, herbs, halloumi, tahini, and honey, Georgina offers "hero" recipes like crispy cauliflower with herby dressing, chicken thighs with figs and olives, and baklava French toast to provide both classic combinations and plenty of Greek-influenced dishes with playful, modern twists. With fewer ingredients and less stress, GREEKISH delivers beloved Mediterranean flavours and satisfying, craveable meals every time.

If you like Greek food, you'll adore Greekish!' Itamar Srulovich, Honey & Co
'Sunshine on a plate' Tom Kerridge

"This book? It's Greek. ish. And if you are saying 'ish' with a scrunched-up nose, a squinted eye and a slight wobble of the head or tilt of the hand, then you are on the right track. Truth be told, when it comes to writing recipes, sometimes hiding behind tradition actually makes life easier. You don't like something? Take it up with my ancestors. But these Greekish dishes are all me and I think they're some of the best I have written. I hope that you love them, that they become part of your repertoire and that over time you make them your own." Gerogina Hayden

Standout Recipes include:

Fried sesame cheese bites to serve up as an irresistible snack
Tuna, egg and caper salad to make an easy lunch
Sticky aubergine and pomegranate tart for a crowd-pleasing centrepiece
Spanakopita jacket potatoes as a twist on the weeknight classic
One-pot pastisio for an easy meal everyone will love
Meat, fish and veggie kebabs delivering the ultimate barbecue
Baklava cheesecake as a show-stopping dessert

There are easy breakfasts, small dishes and snacks, salads, desserts and even whole sections of recipes inspired by the iconic spanakopita and baklava. Greekish is full of flavour-packed recipes that are easy, enticing and ready to be made your own.

About the Author

For Greek Cypriot food stylist and writer, Georgina Hayden, the food of Cyprus is at the very heart of a lifelong passion for cooking. Georgie's grandparents moved to England from Cyprus in the 1950s, but the cuisine of their native island remained at the centre of family life in the UK; while one set of grandparents ran a hugely popular taverna in London's Tufnell Park for over thirty years, the other opened one of North London's first Cypriot grocers. Many of Georgie's fondest childhood memories are of spending hours in the kitchen with her yiayias, closely watching them make traditional delicacies and helping them prepare feasts for the family and local community.   

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288 pages.

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