Cookbook - My Greek Sweets by Ioanna Pavlaki and Ioanna Stamoulou


My Greek Sweets- taking sweet memories back home.

65 sweet recipes that you are sure to love. 

Welcome to the world of MY GREEK SWEETS, a cookbook that will take you on a journey into the sweet side of Greece. Tradition, emotion, history and fine Greek products are mixed with time-honoured and contemporary techniques to create an alluring mosaic of homemade Greek confectionery, through 65 beloved recipes curated by the ladies

Olive oil, yoghurt, honey, tahini, mastic from Chios, chocolate, fruit and nuts feature in recipes which have been passed down from generation to generation and accompany us in our daily lives. Recipes that epitomise what Greece is, a crossroads between East and West, where a baking pan has the power to bring together all peoples with its festive and everyday confections.

Greek sweets are much more than a dessert eaten at a restaurant or family table. In actual fact, Greek tradition was never partial to desserts. In Greece, sweets have always been about socialising. Part of an entire ritual of hospitality, consideration, acceptance, sharing, affection and benevolence. In Greece, sweets are treats offered with a warm smile!

So come, let us offer you – through this book – sweets with history, sweets with a backstory, sweets that have stood the test of time. Recipes that you can easily make, share with your loved ones, and feel the timeless comfort of a homemade sweet with Greek coffee.

Ioanna Pavlaki was born in Athens; her family roots come from the island of Lesvos, where she spent all her summers. She is a successful marketing professional in the publishing industry. She loves sea, travelling and good food. Her passion is to make small ideas come true.

This is one of four cookbooks written by Ioanna. See the collection here. 

- 100% authentic Greek dishes “served” in English
- Pages: 160
- Dimensions: 19.5 x 24 cm
- Paperback cover

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