Akis Petretzikis

Cookbook - Piece of Cake (Greek Version) by Akis Petretzikis


Signed Copy of Piece of Cake (Greek Version) by Akis Petretzikis

Blisscakes, cloudcakes, sparkcakes, worldcakes....Για μένα είναι όλα κέικ. Και είναι όλα υπέροχα. Ένα βιβλίο με 120 συναρπαστικές, πρωτότυπες, γλυκές συνταγές, που δεν θα αφήσει κανέναν παραπονεμένο, όποιες και αν είναι οι αγαπημένες του γεύσεις. Μια έκδοση που συγκεντρώνει τη δουλειά ετών και την επιθυμία μου να σας προσφέρω πραγματικά το καλύτερο. 'Ακης Πετρετζίκης

For me they are all cakes. And they are all wonderful. A book with 120 exciting, original, sweet recipes that you will love, whatever your favourite flavours. A book that brings together the work of years and my desire to really offer you the best. Akis Petretzikis

Any dedicated food lover would be impressed with this glossy book with 120 fault-proof recipes for the most exceptional cakes of every kind imaginable. Piece of Cake is the third book by star chef Akis Petretzikis, and is the definitive guide to baking sweet treats that are so unique and colourful that stand out like little artworks in themselves. The cookbook has a clean, contemporary design that presents all different sorts of cakes in an unconventional and playful way. Bright-coloured, show-stopping, unusual and utterly mouthwatering, the cakes become the protagonists of a visual journey that is (almost) as rewarding as tasting the real thing.

Akis discovered his true love was cooking whilst training to be an accountant. Within a year of finishing his degree he had gone on to become the first Greek winner of MasterChef, and later became Head Chef at Michel Roux’s Avenue Bistro. Since then he has become a regular name on Greek TV, fronting several of his own cooking shows, and even hosting the Greek version of Ready Steady Cook. With his own line of cookbooks, food products and his own (bilingual) YouTube channel, this is not a chef who shies away from a challenge.

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