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Cookbook- Sweet Greek: Simple Food & Sumptuous Feasts- By Kathy Tsaples


 Cookbook- Sweet Greek- Simple Food & Sumptuous Feasts By Kathy Tsaples 


This marks the debut bestselling cookbook from Kathy Tsaples, the revered Godmother of Melbourne's Greek culinary scene.

Within its pages, Kathy generously imparts the cherished recipes she inherited from her mother's kitchen, inviting readers to partake in a celebration of life itself. These recipes not only preserve the essence of traditional Greek cuisine but also breathe new life into it for the benefit of future generations.

Renowned for her Sweet Greek produce shop, Kathy Tsaples now opens the doors to her mother's culinary legacy in this exquisitely crafted book. Each section of the book revolves around traditional Greek holidays, such as Lent, Easter, and Name Day, featuring a delectable array of recipes fit for a feast. Yet, as Kathy astutely emphasizes, these recipes are versatile and can be enjoyed on any occasion when family and friends gather.

Kathy's journey is nothing short of inspirational. Confronted with a breast cancer diagnosis, she made a courageous decision to leave her profession and pursue her dream of sharing authentic Greek cuisine by opening her shop. Her book is a testament to her dedication, and countless Melburnians are grateful that she followed her passion.

In essence, these recipes are a heartfelt ode to celebrating life: they take traditional dishes, infuse them with contemporary flair, and, most importantly, pass on this culinary heritage to the generations that follow."


About the Author

In the 1950s and 60s, Australia experienced a new wave of multiculturalism. The country brought new hopes and dreams for Kathy's parents and the many who migrated from Europe seeking a better life.

Born in the migrant suburb of Richmond, she grew up learning to cook traditional Greek cuisine from her mother. These recipes had been passed down through generations. Her food was deeply engrained with her culture and spirit.

Kathy learned to cook instinctively through her family. Hellenic cuisine evoked memories she would cherish forever. Her food was a celebration of life!

She now stands proudly behind her two cookbooks, Sweet Greek and Sweet Greek Life. In 2016, she was awarded the winner of the HACCI Award for business excellence. Her vision to share her love for food and the Hellenic culture has materialized more than she could have imagined.

Sharing her passion, she invites everyone to experience Sweet Greek for themselves.

"Food for me is the essence of life and life shared with family and friends is beautiful. Food in general brings people together - it's part of the glue that binds society. Being Greek is about celebrating life with the ones we love. It's about spreading the table with delicious dishes bringing everyone together, feasting, laughing, drinking, listening to music, singing and dancing. Treasured moments to become lifelong treasured memories."

What she has come to realize over the last few years, especially since establishing the "Sweet Greek Shop," is that cooking fulfills those fundamental needs we all share - the desire to create, contribute, share, and love. For her, this encompasses the core of preparing something special for loved ones. It involves using her own hands to craft something from simple, honest ingredients, a creation not driven by sustenance or financial gain, but solely aimed at bestowing warmth and happiness, however modest, upon another person's life.

Family, life, her friends, their well-being and joy, her culture, and heritage hold immense significance for her. She places great value on upholding the legacy that their parents have bequeathed and passing it on to future generations

"Everyone relates to food based on their own experience, and it is this experience that creates treasured memories that are really all we have, and what life is all about.”

– Kathy Tsaples, founder of Sweet Greek

 240 pages


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