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Yiayia Next Door by Daniel and Luke Mancuso (and Yiayia)

Recipes from Yiayia's Kitchen, and the true story of one woman's incredible act of kindness.

When Daniel and Luke Mancuso lost their beloved mother Teresa to domestic violence, the Greek grandmother next door started looking after them, passing home-cooked meals over the fence. This simple act of kindness helped Daniel and Luke navigate the fog of grief that followed, and went on to capture the hearts of Australians when they began sharing the meals and their special relationship with ‘Yiayia’ on social media.

Now we can all enjoy Yiayia’s home cooking, with this collection of traditional Greek recipes from her kitchen and from those of yiayias around the country. From spanakopita and moussaka to baklava and galaktoboureko, these dishes are comfort food at its best.

This is a book about the power of food to bring people together. It’s about love forged in tragedy, the importance of connection and how simple gestures, such as giving someone a home-cooked meal, can transform lives and restore hope.

Daniel and Luke Mancuso are the founders of Yiayia Next Door, a social enterprise committed to inspiring kindness and encouraging people to ‘love thy neighbour’ as the most powerful antidote to violence.

Daniel and Luke live in Melbourne (next door to Yiayia and Pappou). This is their first book and it is dedicated with love to their mother, Teresa Mancuso 

Daniel and Luke have grown an incredible Instagram community @yiayianextdoor, which has become a powerful voice in family violence education, prevention and support. Together they work closely with organisations such as Carlton Football Club's Respect program, Our Watch, Safe Steps and the Australian Childhood Foundation.

A percentage of the sales of this book will be donated to the Australian Childhood Foundation.

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