Creamed Honey Spread with Strawberry 300g


Creamed Honey Spread with Strawberry

Creamed Honey spread Using fresh quality Greek grown strawberries combined with the creamed honey of Halkidiki, this tub of goodness is bursting with flavour.

This velvety delectable treat is the perfect combination with hot scones, crumpets or even fresh toast with a cup of tea.

“Melimnos” in collaboration with selected beekeepers, with years of experience in beekeeping, produces and packs exquisite varieties of honey operating in Nea Moudania of Halkidiki. It was founded in 2017 by Alexandros Balderanos and Anastasia Papatsiflikioti, two people with respect for nature and love for honey.

The microclimate that prospers in different regions of Greece, such as the island of Limnos, with its wild herbage rich in thyme, wild herbs and wildflowers, as well as the mountainous forest areas of Halkidiki, the origin place of the great ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, who was the first to study bees, produces honey of great nutritional value and excellent quality The secret to the unique aroma, the rich taste and the special texture of their high quality honey, lies in the traditional way of production and the excellent raw material.

Ingredients: Honey 97%, Dried Strawberry 3%

Contents : No added sugar, no preservatives, without dyes and without palm oil.

Weight: 300g

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