Julie Mitsios

Cookbook - Eat More Raw by Julie Mitsios


Eat More Raw - Vegan Recipes

Julie shares more than 80 mouth-watering, original, organic raw vegan recipes including Earth to Table's signature shepherd's pie and her unrivalled desserts.

Julie Mitsios, founder of the celebrated Earth to Table raw-food cafe in Sydney, is on a mission to inspire and empower others to incorporate delicious, organic and raw, plant-based wholefoods into their busy lives. 

Each chapter in the book shines a light on the complex and intimate relationship between what we eat and our optimal health and wellbeing by taking a closer look at raw food. Each section is thoughtfully curated to equip you with tips and tricks to incorporate a rainbow of vibrant raw food into your everyday life and includes simple swaps for those exploring the raw food for the first time.

The recipes cover every course including essential techniques for soaking and sprouting, DIY plant-based milks, fermentation and nut cheeses and most importantly, the unrivalled desserts and signature offerings from Earth to Table.

Eat More Raw - the best food has to offer: rejuvenating, life-enhancing, anti-aging, enzyme and nutrient-rich, detoxifying, and outrageously enjoyable to prepare and eat.

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