Cookbook - In Sofia’s Kitchen- Mediterranean Flavours Down Under By Sophie Stokes


In Sofia’s Kitchen- Mediterranean Flavours Down Under

A book about Sophie’s passion for cooking for her family and friends. Over the last three decades, she has cooked her way through these recipes that make the Mediterranean cuisine one of the healthiest diets in the world.

This cookbook  brings forward Sophie’s rich Greek cultural background and passion for the food she grew up on. It delights Sophie to share the deep connection she has of Greek food with her loved ones and beyond.

Born into a Greek family, Sophie grew up surrounded by family and close family friends who loved to cook and practice hospitality. Her cooking experience began as a young seven-year-old creating cakes and Greek sweets for those special occasions. Equally her love of adventures was discovered when travelling on a large Italian ship on her way with her family to Greece. Stopping at destinations such as Cape Town, South Africa; the Canary Islands and the Port of Bari, Italy gave her a hunger to travel the world.

In 2022 Sophie published her second cookbook- A Tasty Gathering- The Art of Bringing People Together. A must for your cookbook collection. 

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