Corfu Ouzo 700ml Bottle


Corfu Lazaris Ouzo

Lazaris ouzo is produced and bottled exclusively in Corfu.

The process of production is traditionally done by double distillation in the bronze alembic, in our distillery. With the anise dominating and a variety of aromatic herbs and seeds (coriander, fennel e.t.c.) has a rich aroma, robust flavor, and mellow taste.

The bottle is reminiscent of the blue and green waters of the Ionian Sea, while its aniseed taste perfectly matches with seafood – mainly –dishes of the Greek cuisine.

Serving suggestion: In a narrow and tall glass, serve ouzo, then water, and finally the ice and enjoy the unique way that the transparent drink turns white, like an emulsion due to the nature of anise. In modern times, ouzo is increasingly used in the preparation of cocktails.

Perfectly paired with the other Lazaris products in our range.

Cocktail Suggestion:

Ouzo Lemonade

All the aromas and flavours of Corfu in a delightful cocktail!


60 ml of Lazaris Ouzo
45 ml fresh Lemon juice, more if desired
3 mint leaves
1 teaspoon Alabasini honey
90 ml iced water


Pour Lazaris Ouzo into a tall glass.

Add lemon juice and mint leaves and muddle with our olive wood pestle to release the flavours from the mint leaves.

Add honey and mix until well dissolved.

Pour water into the glass and mix. If needed add more water to dilute.

Garnish with a couple of slices of lemons.

Alcohol: 40%

Weight: 700ml


 This item cannot be shipped to New Zealand.  

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Customer Reviews

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Jeanne Carpenter

Very tasty drop

A very unique Ouzo! We love it! Thanks for taking the time to write a review Jeanne!

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