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Cypriot Berry Seasonal Gin- Limited Edition Only 250 Bottles 700ml

Seasonal BERRY Gin- Limited Edition Only 250 Bottles from Cyprus 
Enjoy this holiday with this seasonal, handcrafted, limited edition spirit, our own Berry Gin. Inspired by the ever-popular Sloe Gin, this Christmas seasonal gin is made by soaking red and black currants in our new seasonal gin recipe.
Mandarine zest, spices, raisins, black and red currants combine to give a full and rich flavored gin with warm seasonal intricate aromas, promises to spice up your holidays. Berry Gin features many botanicals from Cyprus including Juniper Berries, Hyssop, Lemon verbena, Aniseed, and Bergamot amongst others.

Alcohol 28% 
Dimensions: Heads: 2.5 | Hearts: 3 | Tails: 2.5

Nose: Surprisingly warm, fruity, and aromatic. The berries are surrounded by gin botanicals, vanilla, and pepper notes.

Taste: A fruity and raisin sweet beginning gives way to an explosion of warmer flavors featuring gin botanicals like hyssop, absinthium, and lemon verbena only to be followed by a long finish surrounded by pepper tones and underlined by the anise which lingers until the very end. It’s like Christmas in a bottle!

Finish: Long and spicy. The combination of spice and anise ensures that the flavor will stay on the tongue for some time, while the fruity tones slowly sink to the background.
Serving Suggestion 

Mulled Berry Gin and Apple


  • 50ml berry gin
  • 150ml apple juice
  • 50-100ml freshly squeezed orange juice, to taste
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Any additional festive spices of your choice: try star anise, cloves or cardamom pods
  • Orange slices and/or fresh cranberries, to garnish
  • Add the juices, jelly, and spices to a pan, then heat gently - stirring occasionally - for a few minutes, until the jelly has dissolved. Remove from the heat, strain into your drinking glass, then top up with sloe gin. Garnish with a slice of orange and/or a few fresh cranberries; you can also pop a fresh star anise or cinnamon stick in, for added flavor


Add one of our cocktail mixers or spoon sweets and you will have all the elements for creative cocktail making.

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