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Smoked Garlic with Chios Island Mastic 320g


Melima Smoked Garlic with Chios Island Mastic
The garlic is smoked and preserved in extra virgin olive oil with the famous Mastic tears. A simple but genius recipe that represents the minimalism and magic of Greek gastronomy. For salads, pasta sauces, risotto. This is perfect on meze plates with olives and other delicious condiments and enjoyed with a glass of Greek Wine

Melima have created delicious and authentic recipes in order to transform fine and rare Greek products into a gastronomic experience.

They produce old fashioned pickles, smoked vegetables and spicy appetizers according to the traditional methods of preserving goods in extra virgin olive oil, smoke, vinegar and sea salt, without preservatives.

Ingredients: Garlic 70%, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Chios Mastic 0.5%

Net weight: 210g

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