Alabasinis Family

Honey Oak & Chestnut 400g


Alabasinis Family Honey Oak & Chestnut

Oak & Chestnut—an exquisite blend of nature's finest offerings. This dark, mountain honey boasts a flavour profile as rich and diverse as the majestic landscapes from which it hails, offering a tantalizing fusion of oak and chestnut undertones that dance on the palate.
Elevate your tea ritual and savour the unique taste experience that Alabasinis Family Honey with Oak & Chestnut can deliver. With its distinctive flavour and unparalleled purity, this exceptional honey is not just a sweet addition to your cup
Handcrafted with care by the Alabasinis family, who have tended to bees with unwavering dedication since 1988, Their honey embodies a legacy of tradition and respect for nature. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Patra, Greece, their  beekeeping practices are deeply rooted in centuries-old wisdom, ensuring that each jar of honey is a true reflection of our commitment to quality and sustainability.
Thier meticulous nomadic beekeeping process, every aspect of their honey production is a testament to their dedication to excellence. Their honey is pure, unprocessed, and made with the utmost respect for their bees, our society, and their environment.


Weight: 400g

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Please note: Crystallisation is a natural characteristic of unprocessed, untreated honey, reflecting its pure and untouched state straight from the hive. While some may perceive crystallization as a change in texture or appearance, rest assured, it's simply nature at work, preserving the honey's inherent qualities.

Despite its crystallised form, the nutritional and biological value of honey remains intact. This means that whether your honey is smooth or crystallised, you're still enjoying the same wholesome benefits and delicious taste that only pure Greek, unprocessed honey can provide.

Embrace it as a mark of authenticity—a reassuring sign that your honey is free from artificial processing and brimming with natural goodness

How to de-crystallise honey

The process to de-crystallising honey is simple. Crystallised honey liquefies in 'ben-marie', at 45-50 Degrees Celsius, without losing any of its nutritional value. Alternatively, you can place the jar with the lid open in the oven at 40 degrees Celsius until it liquefies.

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