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Honey Flower & Forest 400g

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Honey Flower & Forest

Experience the enchanting essence of Honey Flower & Forest, a delicate and aromatic honey sourced from the pristine landscapes of Mountainous Achaia. Delight your palate with a symphony of flavors, each spoonful offering a harmonious blend of nature's finest offerings.

Imbued with the essence of the lush forest and vibrant wildflowers, their honey is more than just a sweet indulgence—it's a journey through the diverse terroir of the region. Rich in minerals, trace elements, and antioxidants, this honey offers not only exquisite taste but also a wealth of nourishing properties to invigorate your body and soul.


Honey helps with heart health and maintains a balanced level of cholesterol and is soothing for the throat. It's also perfect on toast or in a cup of one of our teas.

First of all, Alabasini wants to save the bees - Every action taken with the bees is always in balance with the care of the bees preventing the exhausting practices. We make sure that a part of the production remains in the beehives where it belongs.

Alabasini has been caring for its bees since 1988, with respect for nature and tradition in Patra

The rich flora of Greece and the nomadic beekeeping process they follow is a guarantee for quality and taste of their products. Their honey is pure and unprocessed and of course are made with the highest respect to their bees, society and nature.

Weight: 400g

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Best before May 2024

Please note: Crystallisation is a natural characteristic of unprocessed, untreated honey, reflecting its pure and untouched state straight from the hive. While some may perceive crystallisation as a change in texture or appearance, rest assured, it's simply nature at work, preserving the honey's inherent qualities.

Despite its crystallised form, the nutritional and biological value of honey remains intact. This means that whether your honey is smooth or crystallised, you're still enjoying the same wholesome benefits and delicious taste that only pure Greek, unprocessed honey can provide.

Embrace it as a mark of authenticity—a reassuring sign that your honey is free from artificial processing and brimming with natural goodness

How to de-crystallise honey

The process to de-crystallising honey is simple. Crystallised honey liquefies in 'ben-marie', at 45-50 Degrees Celsius, without losing any of its nutritional value. Alternatively, you can place the jar with the lid open in the oven at 40 degrees Celsius until it liquefies.


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