Corfu Kumquat Liqueur 700ml


Corfu Kumquat Liqueur

The trademark of Corfu is the kumquat liqueur and the Lazaris Kumquat Liqueur stands out for its quality.

It’s produced by extracting rare citrus kumquat alcohol, in a traditional way, which is transferred from generation to generation for years.

The fruits are collected carefully from orchards on Corfu’s island, cleaned, washed, and placed together with alcohol in stainless steel tanks, in order for the alcohol to get the substances, aroma, and colour of the fruit. Then the added syrup is making the composition of the liquor. Finally, the process is followed by filtering and bottling the liqueur.

Kumquat liqueur is served chilled as a digestive drink after each meal. It is also wonderful with crushed ice or as an ingredient in cocktails with a “Greek character”. Fits great with fruit salads as a topping and can be used to flavour a cake. The bittersweet taste and rich aromas of fruit are enclosed in the modern bottle. A certified product with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

Perfectly paired with the other Lazaris products in our range.

Cocktail Suggestion:

Kumquat Royale Cocktail

All the aromas and flavours of Corfu in a delightful cocktail!


135 ml of Lazaris Kumquat liqueur
135 ml of Aristides Vodka
70 ml of ginger beer
1 teaspoon Foodscross Thyme Honey

Garnish: 4 sticks of fresh thyme, 2 pcs. Kumquat Lazaris Spoon Sweet strained

Method: Add Kumquat Liqueur, honey, thyme into a shaker with ice and shake for 30 seconds, strain and pour into a flute glass and garnish.

Alcohol: 20%

Weight: 700ml


2 stars award for its quality and taste in AFFA2021, with the process of blind tasting competition by committee experts.


 This item cannot be shipped to New Zealand.  

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