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Corfu Limoncello Liqueur 50ml


Corfu Limoncello Liqueur

The famous Italian liqueur, but absolutely interwoven with the gastronomic tradition of Corfu, produced by extracting lemon peel in alcohol. Transparent, aromatic, full-bodied, deliciously sweet, and sour at the same time, it is served frozen after each meal as a digestive.

Perfectly combined with sweet tarts, fruit salads, and cakes. It’s also extremely refreshing with grated ice and it can be used as an ingredient for making cocktails.

The Limoncello liquor obtained by extraction of lemon peel in alcohol, in the traditional way for years transferred from generation to generation.

Perfectly paired with the other Lazaris products in our range.

Cocktail Idea:

Limoncello Velvet Cocktail

40ML Aristides Vodka
30ML Lazaris Limoncello
30ML Fresh lemon juice
30ML Egg white
8-10 Basil leaves

Method: Reverse dry shake, shake shake the ingredients with ice. Strain the ice and shake again to get a silky texture.

Glass: Old Fashion

Garnish: Lemon Wedge, and basil leaf

Ice: Cubed

Alcohol: 30%

Weight: 50ml


1st Taste Award at “Alcohol/Drink/Wine/SoftDrinks category in Expotrof Exhibition 2020 in Athens.

GOLD Award at “Packaging” Category in Expotrof Exhibition 2020 in Athens.

2 stars award in tasting contest in the process of blind tasting competition by committee experts in Expotrof Exhibition 2020 in Athens


This item cannot be shipped to New Zealand.  

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