Etos 1929 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


Etos 1929 Extra Virgin Olive Oil- A Heritage of Premium Olive Oil

Nestled in the heart of Paliovoria, Souvardo village, which now belongs to the enchanting Kourtetsi region within the Ilia regional unit, stands a grove of age-old olive trees. These ancient sentinels give birth to a premium quality virgin olive oil, echoing centuries of tradition.

Across four generations, the Katsaniotis family has called these olive groves home, tending to the trees with profound reverence. In doing so, they've carefully preserved the seeds that connect them to "the oil of thier ancestors."

This treasure is nothing short of absolutely pure olive oil, meticulously crafted in limited quantities, reminiscent of the most cherished of valuables. Rooted in the Koroneiki cultivar, it stands alone with its exquisite aroma, fruity essence, and naturally low acidity.

Welcome to the world of ETOS 1929: where a legacy of exceptional olive oil has been lovingly passed down through generations.

These olive groves are defined by wild native olive trees which were grafted in 1929 by the great grandfather of the family, Nassos Katsaniotis. Afterwards, his son, Sotiris Katsaniotis, supplemented the existing olive trees with new ones of the Koroneiki variety, during 1935-1940. The responsibility of maintaining these blessed trees then passed to his daughter, Nikolitsa Katsanioti, and to her husband, Athanasios Zagkas. Together, being fully conversant with the cultivation and having years of experience from the older generations, they added new methods of cultivation and sustainable techniques in the production of the olive fruit. They alongside increased the number of the olive trees and planted more, at areas with lower altitude, keeping the same variety and maintaining the quality of the olive oil.

Today, the promise of continuity has passed to the fourth generation. Evangelos Zagkas, having momentum and respect, builds an image, and officially presents the product to which the family gave birth in 1929. Honoring his past, he attributes a simple, honest, and honorable brand name:

ETOS 1929. This is the humble, priceless "green gold". The everyday luxury for the people.

How its made:

They meticulously adhere to a stringent 12-hour timeline, from the moment they harvest the olive fruit to its fermentation. Each year, they embark on a relentless race against time, tirelessly pursuing the pinnacle of quality and striving to preserve the luscious, spicy notes in our olive oil. Their harvest commences early, in October, and concludes in November, heralding a joyful gathering of family and friends amidst and beneath the shade of their ancient olive trees. The olives, still green and unripe, are tenderly handpicked, utilizing the aid of modern equipment to ensure their safety. These emerald treasures are then gently cradled in crates and baskets, allowing them to breathe freely.

Liquid Gold

The fruits of their labour, this liquid gold, a cherished presence at their table for generations, emerges as a culinary gem. They proudly incorporate ETOS into our daily routine, treating it as a vital "vitamin" for their well-being.

A Culinary Treasure

This extra virgin olive oil, nature's elixir brimming with antioxidants, possesses an exceptional aromatic and flavour profile.

A Symphony of Aromas

  • Fruity Aroma: A symphony of red fruit notes.
  • Olive Leaf: Nature's gentle embrace

A Dance of Flavors

  • Fruity: A burst of fresh, fruity indulgence.
  • Herbs: A harmonious blend of nature's finest herbs.
  • Spicy: A tantalizing kick that leaves a memorable impression.
  • Bitter: A sophisticated touch of bitterness.
  • Black Pepper: A bold and exciting flourish.

ETOS 1929 is more than just olive oil; it's a culinary journey, a sensory delight, and a testament to timeless quality.

The Divine Koroneiki Variety

Embark on a journey with olive oil of unparalleled quality, boasting exceptional aromas and flavors. The Koroneiki variety, renowned as the most abundant and the richest in oil content in all of Greece, is a resilient and fruitful testament to their cherished family heritage. This variety is intricately woven into their tradition, representing four generations of unwavering devotion to the art of olive tree cultivation.

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