Filia Ghi

Filia Ghi The Duck White Wine Blend


Filia Ghi- The Duck White Wine Blend 

Moschato/Malagouzia/Assyrtiko (Dry White)

A blend of 3 different varietals of Moschato, Malagouzia and Assyrtiko. An easy drinking, refreshing and fruity white blend suited for all occasions

Transparent light yellow colour with green hues. Intense on the nose, with typical aromas of citrus fruits and lemon flowers. Well balanced palate, with medium acidity and smooth finish.

From family vineyards, a product of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) in Karditsa, Greece. The winery is surrounded by eighty acres of vineyard.

At the base of Mount Agrafa, near the banks of the ancient river Kouraliou (today named Sofaditis) lies the village Filia.

Historically, on the outskirts of this village, in the vineyard areas, every family had a small field in which they cultivated their own vineyards. For centuries, each family produced wines that were the pride of the region. However, during the last century, the farmers either left the village, or were occupied with different and more lucrative crops. Consequently, many of the vineyards were abandoned.

However, some families remained. Constantine Xanas continued to cultivate his vines, every year devoting more time and care to his labors. Within a few years, he knew he was headed in the right direction as his efforts began to pay off and his wines gained recognition. Constantine passed on his love and knowledge to his son, Vaios Xanas, who had worked side by side with him in the fields.

In the early 1990s, the winemaker, Vaios Xanas partnered with his economist friend, Christopher Christoforou, to bring new life to the abandoned vines in this area. Over the years, the small family vineyard of Constantine Xanas grew to encompass ten cultivated hectares. In 2014, they founded Filia Gi Winery.

Enjoy it with veal, pork tenderloin, poultry, creamy risotto, pasta with vegetables or saffron, spaghetti carbonara, braised kid goat in lemon sauce and beef fricassee. 

Enjoy this wine with full body mature creamy cheeses with intense and full favour, charcuterie, Greek olives, fig pie and bite-sized artisan delicacies

13% Alcohol Content

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