Premium Greek Thyme (70%) Honey 250g


Foodscross Premium Greek Thyme (70%) Honey

Exceptional Thyme Honey from the island of Astypalaia, with a remarkably high content (70%) of thyme pollen grains.

It should be noted that according to the existing European legislation (Code of Food and Beverages, article 11a), any honey with a thyme pollen grain content of at least 18% can be called ‘thyme honey’.

Offered with care and respect for the time frame defined by nature alone, FoodsCross honey is the natural outcome of a responsible, small-scale, eco-conscious production.

Prepared without additives or honey blends and free of any chemical or heat treatment during packaging, Foodscross honey retains all its precious ingredients pure and intact, whereas every jar is checked and sealed separately. Each label is numbered and hand-placed on the jar so that this unique and direct food-consumer relationship is honoured.

FoodsCross Premium Greek Thyme (70%) Honey is a distinctly pure, unprocessed product with all the beneficial properties of its kind to the maximum degree!

Weight: 250g

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