Premium Greek Thyme Honey 420g


Foodscross  Premium Greek Thyme Honey

One of the most beautiful honey's that you will ever taste.

This exceptional Thyme Honey from the Greek island of Astypalaia, has a remarkably high content (90%) of thyme pollen (for honey to be able to say they are thyme honey they must have a minimum of 18% thyme pollen content), you have to try this to understand just how special it really is.

Try FoodsCross Thyme Honey simply on yoghurt for breakfast drizzled in your tea or even just a cheeky spoonful.

Made with respect to nature and is the result of a responsible, limited in quantity, organic beekeeping process.  

It is offered without impurities and blends with other honeys while the absence of any chemical treatment and thermal intervention,  this makes Foodscross honey rare and valuable food.  

It is available in numbered jars, which have been tested and sealed each one separately with care, in order to keep all the benefits and beneficial properties of honey unchanged. 

Weight: 420g

Please note: Crystallisation is a natural characteristic of unprocessed, untreated honey, reflecting its pure and untouched state straight from the hive. While some may perceive crystallisation as a change in texture or appearance, rest assured, it's simply nature at work, preserving the honey's inherent qualities.

Despite its crystallised form, the nutritional and biological value of honey remains intact. This means that whether your honey is smooth or crystallized, you're still enjoying the same wholesome benefits and delicious taste that only pure Greek, unprocessed honey can provide.

Embrace it as a mark of authenticity—a reassuring sign that your honey is free from artificial processing and brimming with natural goodness

How to de-crystallise honey

The process to de-crystallising honey is simple. Crystallised honey liquefies in 'ben-marie', at 45-50 Degrees Celsius, without losing any of its nutritional value. Alternatively, you can place the jar with the lid open in the oven at 40 degrees Celsius until it liquefies.

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The honey was nice, but not memorable like the thyme honey we ate recently on Lefkada. Could not justify another purchase for the very high price.

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