“Gerousis” Certified Organic Greek Coffee 250g


“Gerousis” Certified Organic Greek Coffee

One of the first coffee roasting companies in Greece that started roasting organic coffee. Gerousis coffee company a family run business established in 1964.

Due to their many years’ experience, they managed to trace exceptional blends of organic coffee from all over the world in order to be able to offerpleasure of a great organic coffee.

Weight: 250g


  1. Use the demitasse cup to measure the water needed for each cup of coffee
  2. Pour the water into the briki
  3. Measure one heaping teaspoon for each cup of coffee
  4. Turn the heat (medium low)
  5. Stir the coffee until it dissolves, and don't stir again
  6. Heat slowly
  7. Foam will start to rise in the briki before it boils
  8. When the foam rises to the top remove from heat and serve.
  9. Enjoy

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