Kontogiannis Family

Organic Petimezi Grape Syrup 250ml


Kontogiannis Family Organic Petimezi Grape Syrup

Pure organic grape molasses, known as Petimezi in Greece is a 100% natural sweetener, contains no additives or added sugar and is produced from mavroudi, savvatiano, roditis grapes. The aroma of light honey and fresh grapes is unbeatable.

Great Taste Awards Judges commented: “Lovely rich dried grape aroma. Nicely viscous. There is good acidity to balance the syrupy sweetness, and the flavour of dried grapes is distinctive. We agree this would work well in all the suggested ways, and also as the base for a sparkling drink or alcoholic cocktail.”

Carefully concentrated grape juice produced in small batches following an artisanal process. Every September in Corinth, Greece, in the family vineyards, all ripe bunches are harvested to create this delicious alternative sweetener. No additives, no preservatives no artificial colours are added. This pure gem of the Greek gastronomic heritage, comes from certified organic and biodynamic grapes and is mildly processed in low temperatures in order to retain all grape aromas and flavours.

Comes in numbered bottles.

The way that the rope is surrounding the bottleneck resonates the way that a vine tendril does a spiral when it grows.
The red line represents the heat that is needed to condense the grape must into grape syrup.

All the process for decorating the bottle is 100% made by hand.


Try this thick sweet syrup which is perfect for adding to your pastry, baking, pancakes, porridge, cereals, your hot drink instead of sugar, on your salad, to caramelise meat or poultry or just over your ice cream!

Click HERE for Recipe Ideas 

Ingredients: 100% grapes

Made in Corinth

The Kontogiannis family also produces bio-dynamic wine- shop the collection here. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
So Good

THe Grape syrup made the flavour so amazing in the biscuits I made. Wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t found the Grape Syrup.

Isn’t it just delicious! So many uses for it! We use it on our meats to marinate them. Thank you for taking the time your write a review!

Jeanne Carpenter
Amazing product

I have been watching too many Greek cooking shows on SBS. I had never used this before and am now addicted

So many uses for this delicious product, from salads to marinating meat and our favourite, making biscuits! Glad you are addicted! So are we!

Marina Kapnoullas

Everything about the product and the service was excellent.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review Marina. The flavour is amazing! We are so glad you love the Petimezi as much as we do!

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