Greek Farmer’s Salad Mix 50g


Sparoza Greek Farmer’s Salad Mix

The traditional Greek salad, or as it’s called in Greek “horiatiki”, is a delicious, fresh and nutritious dish that a farmer might have for breakfast. This mix will help you reproduce the Greek salad from your sunny holidays in a matter of minutes.

To prepare an authentic and delicious Greek salad you’ll need ripe tomatoes in wedges, sliced cucumber olives and feta cheese. Other key ingredients like onion and peppers are already included in our Greek Farmer’s Mix! Sprinkle generously, drizzle with olive oil and enjoy a Greek salad at its best!

Greek Farmers’ Salad Mix is a part of Sparoza’s new series of blends:
“Greek Cuisine Classics” Why not try them all with the Sparoza Greek Cuisine Classics Set of Four

Each handcrafted seasoning blend has its own unique mix of herbs, spices and seeds that adds a special touch of Greece to any meal

Ingredients: Basil, Sumac, Onion Flakes, Chilli Flakes, Natural Sea Salt, Linseeds, Oregano, Thyme

Weight: 50g

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