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Greek Olive Wood Rolling Pins


Handcrafted Greek Olive Wood Rolling Pins

Beautiful handmade olive wood rolling pins from Rizes, Greece. Rizes is the easternmost village in Arcadia, Greece, it is an agricultural village where many olives are grown. These items are made from 200 year old olive wood that has fallen from the trees and then made into beautiful pieces.

For the best maintenance of the olive wood you can wipe your olive wood with a light layer of olive oil every year.

Please Note: Each piece has its own individual wood grain and no two pieces are the same.

Approx 40cm in length and will be chosen at random 

Customer Reviews

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riana vanderbyl
Gift for me

Olive wood makes the most unique and beautiful utensils. This rolling pin is going to be a joy to use, just the right weight and size for a perfect pie crust.

Isn’t it the perfect weight! Such an amazing utensil and to think it’s crafted from olive trees hundreds of years old. Thank you for taking the time to write a review! We truly hope you enjoy using it!

hannah turri
Rolling pin

Absolutely beautiful

Thank you for taking the time to review Hannah
Aren’t these amazing. Each one unique and made from Olive wood in Crete, from Trees hundreds of years old.

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