Lemon Verbena Tea Pyramid Tea Bags


Grek Lemon Verbena Tea Pyramid Tea Bags

Whilst the lemon verbena plant is, in fact, indigenous to South America, it has quickly made Greece its second home, since it is ideally suited to the climate. The essential oils produced by the plant to counter the summer heat are key to its intense flavour

Lemon Verbena Tea Health Benefits

A 2011 study showed that lemon verbena reduced muscle damage following exercise, and a separate study in the same year suggested a positive impact on joint function. A Scandinavian study in 2012 indicated anti-oxidative and immune benefits. Lemon verbena has been used to treat various digestive disorders, fever, and to aid sleep. Lemon verbena may also aid with weight loss as an appetite suppressant.

You can drink it hot in winter and ice-cold in summer. Enjoy the tea with some of our biscuits and treats

Ingredients: Large-cut lemon verbena leaves. Ethically farmed in the Peloponnese and Epirus regions of Greece – all of our ingredients are 100% organic.

Quantity: 20 pyramid tea bags

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