Peppermint Pyramid Tea Bags


Grek Peppermint Pyramid Tea Bags

Mint is popular worldwide, one of the most consumed tea and of course, it has a prominent role in Greek cuisine. The extra essential oils produced by mint in Greece to protect itself from the summer heat give it its intense flavour. Enjoy a delicious drink of peppermint tea with some Pure Greek Honey

Peppermint Tea Health Benefits

The ancient Greeks believed that mint could invigorate the mind and refresh the blood. They also used it as a remedy for headaches. Nowadays, peppermint tea is commonly used as an aid to digestion, to relax and focus the mind (it is naturally caffeine free) and to boost the immune system. The menthol it contains is said to aid sleep and treat sinus issues. Peppermint tea may also aid with weight loss as an appetite suppressant. 

Ingredients: Large-cut peppermint leaves. Ethically farmed in the Peloponnese and West Macedonia regions of Greece – all of our ingredients are 100% organic.

Quantity: 20 pyramid tea bags

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Joanna D
Perfect Gift Idea

This was a perfect thank you gift for a work colleague. Definitely more unique & interesting than your standard Peppermint Tea & the box is so lovely all I added was a little bow!

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