Semprevivo Drinking Hot Chocolate with Kinder Bueno Flavour 400g


Drinking Chocolate with Kinder Bueno Flavour

Perfect for cold winter nights.

Bueno is a delicate chocolate with an indulgent taste. Each sip promises creamy hazelnut, smooth chocolate for you to enjoy. Treat yourself to a hot chocolate Bueno.

Recommended: 50g of chocolate powder for every 250ml milk

We stock three flavours in this range and also the Semprivivo Organic Greek Coffee.

Ingredients: Powdered chocolate 6% (sugar, cocoa powder (20-22% fat) 32%), Sugar, Skimmed cocoa powder, Hydrogenated soybean vegetable fats. Starch. Stabilizers: Xanthan Gum, sodium triphosphate. hazelnut flavours, salt. Glucose Syrup, Proteus milk. Anticoagulant: magnesium carbonates.

May contain traces of nuts.

Weight: 400g

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