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Kallas Rodos Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


Award Winning Kallas Rodos Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Kallas extra virgin olive oil is a delicate flavour from Koroneiki olives that are gathered traditionally and, within a few hours, transformed only by mechanical methods. This EVOO is a monovarietel Koroneiki olive oil, cultivated on the island of Rhodes. Harvesting starts in mid-October when the fruit is still green, yielding high-quality oil and giving it unique organoleptic properties, a fruity scent and remarkable flavour.

From Kalamonas Rhodes, near the Valley of the Butterflies. It is an evolution of Kallas family earlier occupation in the primary sector (dating from 1959), the operation of traditional cold pressed oil mill, which produced extra virgin olive oil in the village of “Theologos”, Rhodes.

The love and passion that emerged in these decades of mill operation has created the ambition to promote Rhodian extra virgin olive oil in and out of our country.

So at the end of the 90s, Kallas family started the standardisation and promotion of extra virgin olive oil. Alongside the launch of the standardisation process, in 1999 the company has completed the acquisition and renovation of an old Italian farmhouse, located near the old Italian village Beverano.

Bottle Size: 500ml

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