Kastra Elion

Kastra Elion- A Premium Vodka Distilled from Greek Olives 750ML

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Kastra Elion- A Premium Vodka Distilled from Greek Olives 

Full bodied with subtle notes of ripe olives, refined with peppery undertones and a soft, buttery finish.

Three generations in the making, it combines tradition, innovation and love for the flavors and heritage of the Mediterranean to create an experience rich in history and elegance.

The Process:

While most vodkas are made from just grain, Kástra Elión is distilled from the finest hand-picked Greek Olives from the Nafpaktos region and premium grains curated and blended for the perfect balanced flavor – a process inspired by Greece and the Mediterranean.

They then select only premium grains to blend with their olives for the perfect balance before distilling in our copper handmade still. Our Master Blender Frank Mihalopoulos meticulously tailors each batch until it meets the perfect blend – full bodied, refined with a subtle salinity and a smooth buttery finish that stands alone.

Once distilled they mix in their mineral-rich spring water from the Crystalline Rock in Mount Taygetus. This allows the vodka to breathe, opening up an intoxicating complexity and aroma.

Finally, it undergoes a special 30-day resting process. This allows further smoothing of the notes prior to bottling their signature white bottles that embrace the Greek history.

A family-owned and artisan-crafted vodka made in Greece. Kástra Elión is the original
premium sipping vodka distilled from Greek olives, which are picked by hand, then blended with curated grains and natural spring water from crystalline rock to produce a vodka of unparalleled smoothness and timeless sophistication. Named after the ancient castle that stands guard over the hills and olive groves of Nafpaktos in Greek mainland, Kástra Elión combines tradition, innovation and a love for the flavours and heritage of the Mediterranean.


An enduring symbol of peace and abundance, olives are deeply entwined with Greek culture and iconic mythology. Picked by hand, cold-pressed within hours, and blended with curated grains, the result is a premium vodka of unparalleled smoothness and timeless sophistication.

The ancient castle stands as guardian of the hills and groves of Nafpaktos, the ancestral home to Kástra Elión and the family that created it. A sentinel of perseverance and hope, the castle still watches over the bay below, protector of tradition and defender of the city’s rich heritage.

Kástra Elión Vodka 40% Alcohol

750 ML

No Added Sugar, Sodium, other Additives, Non GMO


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Customer Reviews

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Sonja Ballard
Premium Greek Vodka

First time trying Greek vodka with olives. It was smooth and had a slight salty flavour. I drank it with soda water and loved it. The bottle is now on display!

How amazing is this vodka- and the bottle is beautiful.. so nice to display!
Thank you for taking time to write a review Sonja.

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