Lazaris Nona Siora Anise Chutney 220g


Lazaris Nona Kumquat & Rosemary Chutney

These chutneys were created in order to highlight the unique character of kumquat while creating ideal accompanying sauces for a variety of dishes of Greek.

Kumquat creates a delicious deal with the first violins the star anise, coriander and ginger. The exotic character in a unique combination wherein perfect harmony the intoxicating aromas of the spices together with the acidity of the ginger and the herbal coriander. It is the ideal combination for fresh seafood, ceviche, for grilled scallops, grilled fish.

If you enjoy unusual flavour combinations you might like to even try this chutney with cream cheese, Manoura or feta.

Jar Size: 220g

Ingredients: Kumquat fruit (50%), sugar, white vinegar, dry coriander seeds, apple, Ginger, star anise.

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